Top 10 Recent Bollywood Fresh Faces

Of late, the Hindi film industry has opened its doors to young faces. Directors and producers have started welcoming fresh talent with open arms. Gone are the days, when the Bollywood industry was dominated by particular actors and actresses, who were paired together quite often and were

Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Water is considered to be a fantastic health drink. It is much more advisable to consume hot water. In order to benefit from drinking hot water, you need to make the same a daily practice. Moreover, consider consuming hot water first thing in the morning when you

10 Celebrities with Most Beautiful Eyes in the World

The definition of being beautiful differs from one person to the other. However, on an overall level, anybody, who has a pair of beautiful eyes, is considered to be good looking as such. Across the globe, there are a number of celebrities, who are known for having

10 Bollywood Celebrities Who were not Born in India

There was a time, when the Bollywood arena was absolutely narrow and restrictive. This industry was open only to locals and individuals born in India. However, with passage of time, Bollywood industry has spread its wings big and wide. Today, Indians born outside India as well as

Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians in the World

In the age old days, Politics was one such field which was dominated by the men. People believed that men had one such unique ability and flair, which distinguished them from their female counterparts. This capability of theirs was crucial in order to open doors for them

Top 10 Bike Racing Games for Android

In today’s date, the Android platform is known the world over for sporting better than the best paid as well as free games belonging to various interesting genres. For the sporty and adventurous kinds, there are a number of bike racing games available at the Google Play