We may have projections of winters to be an exciting time of the year. But our thought process can easily change for the worse if the temperature falls way beyond our imagination. To be exact, what will be our state of mind, if we happen to live in an area where there is minus 50 degrees or beyond. We can’t think of our existence in such a place. Isn’t it? Since, practically, we can’t even live for a minute.

The following post actually creates a different meaning of the term winters as there is not an exciting or enjoyable side. Yes, as excess of everything is bad and the same goes on for excessive winters. The following post is actually about the top 10 coldest countries in the world where the temperature is so harsh, that you don’t want to go even for a second. Let’s read further this exciting article and know more about how low the temperature can actually be.


Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World

The winters of Mongolia are known for its freezing temperatures even goes to minus twenty degrees. The months from April to October receive such a low temperature.



One of the coldest countries in the world can be termed to be Alaska which has registered minus 62.2 degrees as the lowest. Such a low temperature is enough to shake us to the core, considering the enormity of the actual scenario which has been there. Hence, there is no life there.  The whole atmosphere becomes further worse due to the sailing of strong winds.


Top 10 coldest countries in the world

Estonia is one such country which may not be that popular when it comes to coldest countries in the world, but it certainly has quite low temperature enough to make any one inconvenient when it comes to comfortable stay. There is usually quite unexpected period which lengthen throughout the year. Hence, the usual temperature here is quite harsh.



There is another country where the term ‘cold’ spread throughout the year and there are few months where the low temperature further dips. Thus, it surprises even to think about the actual state of life there. Since, the temperature is usually below 0 degrees. The lowest temperature which this part of the world has experienced is minus 40 degree which is indeed enough to realize that we are actually living in far conducive and friendly atmosphere. Isn’t it?


GreenLand - coldest countries in the world

The country which is mostly covered by blanket of ice has the lowest temperature of 9 degrees and the maximum temperature which it has experienced is 7 degrees.  The sheet of ice doesn’t let sunshine to make its way in the country and produce warmth.


Coldest Countries in the World

The winter season like anywhere else is marked with snow where the lowest temperature can fall to minus 20 degrees. It is quite a cold area of the country where usually strong winds blow at quite a regular succession.



Winters are synonymous with woolen clothes, bonfires, snow falling etc. The peak of the winter season is on different months with respect to different countries of the world. Some countries have low temperatures than others, while still there are few those countries which register the lowest. Although most of the areas are cold, but here I am mentioning the specific area namely Prairie Province where the temperature may reach minus 15 degrees at day time while even worse at night as the temperature stands out at minus 39 degrees



Winters are very harsh enough to make you tremble. However, the season of respite is none other than summers. Astana is quite a cold area and considered as one of the coldest countries in the world. It is marked by lots of rainfall. People have the history of suffering from frostbite during harsh winter season.



What would you say about a country which registers as low as minus 30 degrees and even in summers, the temperature only stays in minus. Welcome to Russia where sunlight can be only seen for just 2 months.



It’s scarcely populated and the reason for the same is that the minus temperature plummets so much as even to minus 89 degrees Celsius. There is no possibility of any life. There are snowy deserts as well. One can even tremble as how come there is a place like this. Isn’t it?

Final Thoughts:

Finally, aforesaid are the top 10 coldest countries in the world where temperature can be so low, beyond human imagination for sure. You have just found out the unthinkable after all. Isn’t it?